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Teacher Leadership Webcast

April 3, 2011

Last Sunday, in the exhibit hall at the ASCD 2011 Annual Conference, teacher and blogger Alice Mercer put her technological skills to work by providing live webcasts of conversations with a number of teacher leaders and other educators in attendance.

In this recording of one of those webcasts, you can hear Alice’s interview with Larry Ferlazzo, talking about Larry’s teaching practices and his soon-to-be-published book, Helping Students Motivate Themselves.  Then, part way through the interview, they pulled me into the interview and the focus shifted to a broader look at teacher leadership efforts.

Alice and Larry are both teachers in Sacramento, and both are members of Accomplished California Teachers.  Their teaching and leadership practices not only are a benefit to their schools and students, but provide a great model for the profession.  Alice’s webcast has inspired me to attempt some webcasts of future ACT events.  For the moment, you can see some of our members discussing teacher leadership on our YouTube channel.

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