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Teacher evaluation debate moves over to EdSource Today

September 10, 2012

I’ve written a guest blog post for EdSource Today on the topic of teacher evaluation.  I’m looking forward to a lively exchange with readers who might not see posts at InterACT, and for those of you who do read blog posts here, I hope you’ll bounce over to EdSource, read the post, and share your thoughts.  Here’s the gist of it:

Last month’s legislative drama involving Assembly Bill 5 provided a snapshot of the dysfunctional politics of education policy, with distrust and division inflaming what should be worked out in a calm and straightforward manner.

All stakeholders would welcome teacher evaluation improvements, but disagreements about the nature of the reform unfortunately dominated discussion, pushing aside areas of likely consensus. If the debate could be grounded in evidence, research on best practices, and areas of agreement, California could pass a bill that would actually be useful to educators and address the accountability concerns of the broader community….

Read the rest at EdSource Today.

For more background on the overheated rhetoric of the debate, see my previous InterACT post.

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