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National Board Networking

July 23, 2013

NB_Network_Acc CA Teach

I’m in Raleigh, North Carolina, participating in a convening of National Board Affiliated Network leaders. Accomplished California Teachers is one of those affiliated networks, with a little more than half of our members holding National Board Certification.

As grim as the situation might be in many aspects of education policy, I’m always optimistic when in the presence of National Board Certified Teachers; talking with and learning from NBCTs from around the country is providing me with a much-needed optimism booster shot, and many lessons in how teachers are working to improve our profession.

It shouldn’t be this difficult. The nation, and many states, seem to be caught in the grip of some misguided ideas about how we far we can go in compromising the quality of our schools and teaching force. There’s a gap between our world-class aspirational rhetoric and our political bickering over weak policies and inadequate budgets.

Trusting teachers is a key part of how we’ll make progress. National Board Certified Teachers, and the networks I’m learning about here, provide some great examples of why teachers deserve that trust. I look forward to sharing more information soon, but for now, encourage you to follow these links, and the conversation and resources flowing via Twitter at #NBCTNetworks.

Chicago Teachers Union – Quest Center

Arizona K12 Center

The Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession (WA)


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