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October 21, 2013

Teacher Ellie Herman has an interesting post about teacher evaluation, offering a useful blend of both teacher and evaluator perspectives about what we might lose in a prescriptive evaluation system. Here’s a quote from Valerie Braimah, Executive Director of City Charter Schools: “We were trying to create a career path for teachers. We thought it would help them if they knew what was expected. Instead what it ends up boiling down to is a framework that prevents teachers from behaving like professionals and prevents principals from leading.” Read on!

To see teacher evaluation recommendations from Accomplished California Teachers, see our Publications page, or this blog post.

Gatsby In L.A.

“I think at a certain point we have to be honest,” says Valerie Braimah.  She’s  currently the Executive Director of City Charter Schools, but that’s not why I’m dying to talk to her.   I’m dying to talk to her because a couple of years ago she was the Vice President of Instruction at the Alliance for College Ready Public schools, the largest non-profit charter system in Los Angeles.  There, she headed up the implementation of a large-scale teacher evaluation program called The College-Ready Promise, or TCRP, funded by the Gates Foundation and rolled out over the course of several years at four charter systems: the Alliance, Aspire, PUC and Green Dot, where I taught.

The evaluation model Valerie helped develop and implement was very similar to the one in which I participated during my last two years of teaching.  To say that I am obsessed with TCRP evaluations would be…

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