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Arguing Vergara on Twitter

January 4, 2014

I’ve been engaging in an exchange of views on the upcoming Vergara education lawsuit, mainly in dialogue with whoever posts for the plaintiffs, Students Matter, via Twitter. I created a Storify version of the exchange, but found it impossible to embed here on a WordPress-hosted blog site.

Oh well. Here’s the link to the storify version on their website – if you want to see how it all played out. While I disagree with Students Matter on their selection and interpretation of “facts” related to this case, and disagree further regarding their tactics and proposed solutions, I also commend them for engaging in a civil debate via Twitter, without resorting to ad hominem attacks on “bad teachers” or silly clichés about “supporting the status quo.”

I’d be curious to hear other opinions and reactions.

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  1. Lisa Alva permalink
    January 21, 2014 7:33 pm

    Vergara is what happens when non educators get into our business. They’ve got a great! Idea but no follow through that’s pro-Ed, pro-teacher, pro-student. This is the very reason that we should go to school site council meetings, read emails from our union reps, show up at union events and, dammit, think-decide-vote and urge others to do the same. It’s no secret that reformers are stacking boards of education around the country… What a great strategy! Let’s use it ourselves. Any educator who is reading this should next explore the website of his or her national union affiliate and look for a place to agree, and take action. The national and state affiliates have the resources to nullify craziness like Vergara, but it won’t happen without US. By the way, did I say that more of us should run for Board of Ed?

  2. Lisa Alva permalink
    January 21, 2014 7:37 pm

    Ah ha. Clever, clever, clever. I am going to agree with you and hope you go away. And then when you persist, I will fall back on my party line. Sheesh! Readers should know that there are specialized public relations firms that boast about using just such strategies to achieve the reforms agenda. Again, time to wise up.

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