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Blogging and Tweeting and Edcamp – Oh My!

February 25, 2014

My most recent post was looking ahead to Edcamp Silicon Valley, which we pulled off a few days ago now. I’m still kind of processing and decompressing, and hoping to gather my thoughts for a blog post about the experience of organizing and edcamp and bringing it to fruition. I also want to share more information about the level of support we garnered from our local teachers associations, and how we attracted a little bit of media coverage as well (14 minutes into this radio newscast).

But for today, I’m going to highlight a couple #edcampsv summaries and reactions that made it online ahead of mine. For starters, please read this post by my colleague Christina Nosek, a fifth grade teacher in my district and fellow edcamp organizer.


In a succinct blog post, Chris manages to recap what has happened in the past couple years since “I decided to finally take professional development into my own hands.” Her examples and reflections capture where I think many teachers are right now in a shifting professional landscape. And more teachers need to move in this direction. Our schools, districts, teachers associations and policy makers need to recognize new realities about how we pursue professional learning and what it does to improve teaching.

Enough from me – please read the post on Chris’s blog!

Another good blog post on Edcamp Silicon Valley comes from Edcamp veteran Craig Yen – read his post to see how many edcamps it takes to be a veteran, and his thoughts on face-to-face interaction with people we mostly “see” online.


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