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2010: InterACT in Review

December 30, 2010

We’re counting down the hours until 2011, and the coming year should bring some exciting developments for Accomplished California Teachers, including a new web site, a follow-up report to our teacher evaluation report, and more outreach to California teachers, education policy makers, and the community as a whole.  Before we bid goodbye to this year, here are some highlights from InterACT in 2010.

A few of our most popular blog posts (based on total number of views):

Month 3 As a Failing School: The Hatchet Drops (most viewed InterACT post so far)

Thanks for the Test Scores!

Batter Up! A Baseball Lesson in Value-Added

Thank You Notes

Influential blog posts

Why I Teach…In a Minute-and-a-Half (inspired similar efforts on a number of other blogs)

An Open Letter to California Public Officials (re-posted in The Answer Sheet at The Washington Post web site)

A couple that I wish had been more widely read (now’s your chance to catch up!)

No Need to Wait for Superman; How Heroes Inspire Students In One L.A. Classroom

Perspectives from the Other Side of the Fence (regarding international comparisons in education)

Facing History, Data, and Ourselves

Some posts that were conceived and written as a series (in case you want to see how they all fit together)

“The Danger of a Single Story” (Part One) and… Part Two

Do You Understand My Job?My Students?My School (Part One)My School (Part Two)

Make Schools More Like Business? (Part One)Part TwoPart Three

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